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Horizons Window Fashions
We carry the following

Horizons Window Fashions
Horizons ™ Shades of Elegance
Soft Treatments Roller Shades

What are Shades of Elegance ™?

B W Horizons Shades of Elegance on a window settingHorizons Shades of Elegance ™ are a spectacular collection of roller shades from the same company that brings you the innovative Horizons Natural Shades. With the industry's best mixture of patterns, solids, light-filtering and room darkening fabrics, there's something in this line for everyone! Available with a Spring Roller or Clutch Roller system --at no extra charge-- we have the operating system that you want!

Horizons Window Fashions have consistently specialized in creating unique affordable window fashions. They brought decades of practical experience to the latest renaissance of Natural Shades.

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Optional Motorization View the pricing .pdf

View Optional *TWIN SHADE (pdf)

View ALL Bead Fringes / Gimps / Trim Options

price chart
View Shades of Elegance: Group 1 - 5 Pricing

View Shades of Elegance: - Order Form

View the SOE Roller Shade Installation Instructions (pdf) IMPORTANT

View the SOE Clutch Installation Instructions (pdf) IMPORTANT

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Horizons Fabric Soft Treatments
- Roller Shades

**View the COMPLETE SOFT TREATMENTS HST Product Brochure

Horizons Soft Treatments - Pricing for Roller Shades
price chart
View Soft Treatments: Group 1 - 5 Pricing $

View Soft Treatments Roller Shades - Order Form

View the SOE Roller Shade Installation Instructions (pdf) IMPORTANT

View the SOE Clutch Installation Instructions (pdf) IMPORTANT

Call 866-528-9223 to place your order today!

Motorization View the pricing .pdf

Easy Stop
View the Easy Stop Installation Instructions (pdf) IMPORTANT

Contempo Scallops
Decorative Trimmings
Grips and Pulls
Installation Brackets
Measuring Notes

Roller Shade shown with optional scallop trim and decrorative beading
Shown with optional scallop trim and decorative pull and beading. *See info above
Optional Cassette System for Roller Shades
Shown with optional Cassette System

Available Roller Shade Styles

photograph of Spring Roller style by Horizons Shades of Elegance
Spring Roller

The Spring Roller is the classic, time-tested, cordless operating system for roller shades. You simply grasp the shade by its bottom hem and pull it down to whatever length you want. A gentle tug releases the spring’s lock and allows the shade to be gently raised.

photograph of Clutch Roller style by Horizons Shades of Elegance
Clutch Roller

The Clutch Roller system is operated by an easy chain control. Pull the front chain to raise the shade; pull the back chain to lower it; and a constant tension clutch stops the shade wherever you want it to stop. The Clutch system is also know for easier operation on larger sized shades.
photograph of Roman Fold Roller style by Horizons Shades of Elegance
Roman Fold Roller Shade

Now the gentle folded beauty of a Roman Shades is available in most of the unique fabrics from the Horizons™ Shades of Elegance™ line.

Optional Classic Valance with a scallopOptional Classic Valance with a scallop Optional: Classic Valance
Made from the same material as the shade, our 6" Classic Valance is the perfect way to simply top off your Shade of Elegance ™. It can be finished straight or embellished with scallops or decorative trimmings!

View all cameraRoller Shade Color Samples!
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