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Horizons Window Fashions

Horizons ™ Natural Shades
Averte' Natural Fold ™

We also carry these other B & W Manufacturing Horizons ™ Soft Treatments products:
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We also carry the following Horizons ™ Natural Shades products:
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Blinds/Shades with headrails OVER 98" will be subject to an additional freight charge of $85 for the first oversized blind per order and $50 for each additional oversized blind/shade.

animation of the Averte Natural Fold Series This versatile treatment can be used on a window like drapery, on a patio door like a vertical blind or as a room divider. Since it is hand-transversed, there are no draw cords to tangle or break. The Averte' Natural Fold ™ does not come standard with any valance. However, any of our valance or cornice options may be ordered separately. Additionally, any valance or cornice ordered with an Averté Natural Fold ™ will automatically be upgraded with an oversized headrail (3/4" x 5-1/2") and valance returns at no extra charge.
Averte Natural Fold with a Privacy Liner see price chart for pricing Download the complete product specifications brochure! (.pdf)
View cameraWoven Wood samples!

Please check the Compatibility Chart !

Installation Configurations pdf

Stacking Dimensions pdf

Pattern Orientation pdf

Group 1 - 5 Price List $$$

Order Form
(Averte' Natural Fold - Order Form)

Averte Natural Folds
Averte Natural Folds in a sunroom setting
    Size Limitations
  • Minimum Width: 12"
  • Maximum Width: (Single Track) 144"
  • Maximum Width: (With Splice) 288"
  • Minimum Height: 12"
  • Maximum Width: Compatibility Chart
    pdf (IMPORTANT)
    Since the material of an Averte Natural Fold ™ is railroaded, each fabric's maximum WIDTH is an Averte maximum HEIGHT.
  • Flush Inside Mount (IM) depth requirement: 5-1/2"
  • Minimum Inside Mount (IM) depth: 3"
Inside Mount Deduction
We will deduct 1/4" from the width of the track for an inside mount. We will also automatically deduct 1/2" from the total unit's height, which includes the track, the carriers, and the valance (if ordered) so it will not drag on the floor or sill.

Averte Natural Folds in a kitchen setting
    No Charge Option
  • White, tan, dark brown, black or peanut butter track colors are available. The workroom picks out the best match, but you can specify your own choice.

Split Draw Averte Natural Folds ™
Price Split Draw Averte Natural Folds ™ as two separate units on one track.

Averte with 20 percent fullness Averte with 50 percent fullness
     Upcharge: 20% FullnessspaceUpcharge: 50% Fullness
  (See Price Chart)


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