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Ace Fast Blinds

Prestige Motorization for
2" & 2-1/2" Blinds:

  • Infrared (IR) and Radio Frequency (RF) control available. Both systems use same tilt motor. RF system has plug-in RF receiver to convert motor.
  • Both IR and RF systems have motor and battery pack integrated within the headrail. Battery operation is standard with optional plug-in power supply.
  • IR control operates blinds up to 30' away and requires 'line of sight' from the remote control to the Satellite Eye.
  • RF control can operate from up to 100' away and does not require 'line of sight'.
  • RF system offers multi-channel capability to control up to 5 blinds or 5 groups of blinds individually.
  • RF system offers optional 24 hour timer and wireless wall switch option.
  • Minimum Width: 18"
  • Maximum Width: 72"
  • Minimum Length: 12"
  • Maximum Length: 60"
  • Not available with same side controls
  • Standard (LR) or reverse (RL) controls available. (must specify)
  • Not available on 3 on 1 headrail
  • IR Motor position is located on same side as the eye unless an extended Satellite Eye is ordered.
Control TypeItemPart #Price
Infrared (IR) Control Motor HB2W10000421$82
Infrared (IR) Control TransmitterHACC-9278$24
Radio Frequency (RF) Control Motor HB2W10000421$82
Radio Frequency (RF) Control Radio Receiver1810682$95
Radio Frequency (RF) Control Single Channel Transmitter1810632$99
(IR) and (RF) Control Power Supply1822190$78
(IR) and (RF) Control Battery Cable9013067$41
(IR) and (RF) Control Replacement Batteries9013231$28
(IR) Control Extended 10" Satellite Eye9013228$15
(IR) and (RF) Control Multi-Channel Transmitter1810633$127
(RF) Control Single Channel Wall Switch - White1810597$247
(RF) Control Single Channel Wall Switch - Ivory1810598$247
(RF) Control Multi-Channel Wall Switch - White1810595$260
(RF) Control Multi-Channel Wall Switch - Ivory1810599$260
(RF) Control 24 Hour Timer1805040$255
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